I LOVE social media!

I HATE social media! So for those who clicked on the link because of the header, please leave this blogpost. Those with social media in their bio’s, i pity your existence and Black Belted Social Media Guru’s, i advise you to go #FCK yourself!

SoMe must DIE!

Surrounded by social media people telling me that SoMe is shaping the futue, i find myself confronted by a timeline filled with social media ‘y’knows’. Even management tells me: “we should definately do something with social media”. *i disike*. I know that I’m not the first to be annoyed by the phenomenon, hence this classic: , but the terror never ends. I aim for a different perspective though.

“Working with computers” 

I saw a vintage clip the other day where a Computer Department Executive from GE elaborated about his responsibilities, 1994 was the year. His task was not having people develop epic computing power, his task was managing people who worked with computers. Whatever those emplyees did on their computers, be it marketing or computing, was irrelevant. It was the state-of-the-art Computer Department, people worked with computers. Talking to a friend in administration 15 years ago might give you a bore-out and make it impossible what he did day to day. Yet, you would be able to pinpoint his profession at the blink of an eye when someone would inquire. He: “what does he do for a living?”, you: “He works with computers”; would be your feeble, yet in those days convincing, reply.

A heap of crap

Fast forwarding to our day and age I see history repeating itself. Most of us are amazed by the power of people connecting with each other. About 15 years ago the internet made us all interconnect. I played MS Links against all kinds of people all over the world, over ten years ago. Nowadays I engage with people on Twitter, ask advice about repairing my car on the Alfa Romeo Forum, seek advise for the best hotel on Tripadvisor keep in touch with friends on Facebook. So i engage in social media, that simple? I’d say: meeting, garage, travel agency branche, family meeting. The similarity might be that the conversation is through an online social medium, but there is still a distinctive difference. A difference that the current generation self proclaimed SoMe wizards just not seem to be able to grasp. As we are in the middle of a time shift, that is nothing to be ashamed about. But please, let’s come back down to earth again.

Both goldfish and piranha’s are fish

As i said, it’s been over 10 years since i first really engaged socially online with Microsoft Links, sharing and communicating. Yet after those 10 years, we all talk about a bunch of media as if all were the same. Isn’t it time after all these years to start focussing on the differences instead of the similarities? Before writing this post I ate a handful of sour grapes, obviously. But next time you look in the mirror and you see “someone working with social media” glancing back at you, try to look a little closer.

Found nice Slideshare presentation dissecting three types of media. Let’s all take it from here.


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